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White Wines

Estampilla de Genio Sauvignon Blanc

Central Valley – Chile (1) 13%vol

Straightforward and easy drinking with plenty of ripe fruits

The Paddock Semillon-Chardonnay

S.E. Australia (2) 13%

The aroma shows nice Kiwi and Lime fruits and has a delicate but lively palate, with good intensity on the mid palate and a crisp lingering finish.

Laroma Pinot Grigio 20

Italy (2) 12%vol

Easy drinking and very capably made. Fresh dry and delicate with gentle floral and citrus aromas. A classic Italian white wine

Rocheburg Chenin Blanc

Western Cape – South Africa (3) 12.5%vol

Light and refreshing – made from South Africa’s most popular white grape variety

Mount Riley Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough – New Zealand (1) 13%vol

Grassy and nettly with lean racing purity. Thoroughly bracing, it has intense citrus and gooseberry flavours that vie for attention

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Rose Wines

Cougars Moon White Zinfandel NV

California – USA (3) 10%vol

 Fun, pink and refreshing

Viña Carmen Syrah-Cabernet Sauvignon

Maipo – Chile (2) 14%vol

A dry wine with a bright pink colour and summer fruit aromas. Fresh, light and fruity with nice acidity and a lingering finish.

Red Wines

Estampilla de GenioMerlot

Central Valley – Chile (C) 13%vol

Straightforward and easy drinking with plenty of ripe fruits 

Rocheburg Pinotage

Western Cape – South Africa (C) 13%vol

Good, dark ripe Cape fruit – tasty, firm and long. An exceptional wine with serious animal quality that is classy Pinotage

Crystal Brook Shiraz

S.E. Australia (C) 13.5%vol

Immediately pleasing, spicy-fruity, even neatly polished. Plenty of sweet blackberry and prunes fruit backed with a velvet overcoat

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Zero 2006/07

Collefrisio – Italy (C) 13.5% vol

Wonderfully rich and concentrated with a lustrous purple black colour that intimates the fruit to come. It is an astonishingly intense wine with masses of ripe black fruit, tarry, hedgerow complexity and a touch of chocolate to round it out. Exceptional wine

Wine Guide

White & Rose: (1) dry – (9) sweet Red: (A) soft light – (E) full bodied